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How to overlay an image on text in Photoshop

There are two ways to overlay an image on a text. The first one is simple, with the help of highlighting. But the second one, using a clipping mask, has advantages.

Let's consider both ways.

The first. Let's create an inscription. Let's choose the "Text" tool and write, for example, the word "fireplace".

Open the folder with pictures and transfer the selected image to Photoshop. My files are transferred to Photoshop as smart objects, so they are immediately available for transformation.

If this is not the case, go to the "Edit" tab and select "Free Transformation" or press Ctrl+T.

A transformation area appears around the object, hold down the Shift key to maintain the proportions and enlarge the image covering the entire text. An important point is that the picture should be above the text in the layers panel. Do not forget to click on the check mark to apply the transformation.

Now hold down the Ctrl key and click the left mouse button on the thumbnail of the text layer. We have a selection based on this layer.

Next, take any "Selection" tool, for example, "Rectangular area", right-click on the selection and select "Copy to a new layer". Turn off the picture layer and the text layer. Thus, we see a layer with text that was cut out of the picture.

This method has 2 disadvantages. The first one – the picture does not move through the text, because we cut it out and the second one, it is impossible to change the inscription.

The second option is much more convenient.

Repeat the steps. Creating an inscription. Open the folder, select the image and drag it into Photoshop. We increase it so that it fills the entire text. Click on the check mark at the top to apply the transformation.
Right-click on the layer with the picture and select "Create a clipping mask".

Thus, the layer with the picture took the form of the layer located below.

Now, using the "Move" tool, we can move the picture to any place,

and with the "Text" tool, we can change the inscription. For example, let's write the word "candle".

To move the inscription with the picture, select both layers and the "Move" tool, the word can be moved to any place or link the layers together. To do this, right-click and select "Link layers".

Let's summarize. Now you know how to apply an image to the text using selection and using a clipping mask. Choose the method that you like best.
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