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How to make a watermark for an image in photoshop

Very often there is a question of content owners, how to protect it from copying. From time immemorial, there have not been those who want to profit at someone else's expense. And if the content is original and valuable, it must be protected to the maximum.

For an image, one of the simplest and most reliable ways is a watermark or watermark. These are usually translucent logos or texts that are applied to an image or added to a video to identify the author, as well as protect against copies. The website address, company name or logo are most often used as a watermark.

There are different ways to place a watermark.

1. On the side. A huge plus of the watermark location does not block the image. However, there is also a minus – it is not difficult to remove such a watermark. You can simply crop it or put another one on top on an opaque cover.

2. In the center. From the point of view of copyright protection, this is the best option. But the product photo suffers. Here you will have to balance the transparency of the watermark so that it is visible, but also does not block the properties of the product. It is very difficult to remove such an overlay.

3. Background. Watermarks from inscriptions or a logo are located all over the picture. This is the most difficult way to protect.

In order to apply watermarks, we will use the Adobe Photoshop program.

Open the image in Photoshop.
In the tools, select "Text", font Verdana, thickness bold is thick text, size 48pt, color black. Let's write, for example, Photoshop. Click the check mark on the top panel to apply the changes. Using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + T, we transform the object and tilt it. Click on the check mark again to apply the changes.

Now we need to make a pattern from this inscription.

In the tools, select "Rectangular selected area". We create a selection around the inscription and crop, i.e. we crop the canvas according to our selection. Go to the "Image" tab and select "Crop". Cancel the selection with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+D. Now turn off the background layer (click on the eye) so that it does not fall on our pattern. And save the resulting inscription as a pattern. To do this, go to the "Edit" tab and select "Define pattern". Let's call it a Watermark and click Ok to save.

Now let's make a layer style with which we will apply a watermark to the image.

To do this, unlock the background layer. Click on the layer lock and double-click the left mouse button to switch to the layer style. Select "Pattern Overlay". Open all the patterns and select at the very bottom the pattern that we just made. We reduce the opacity of the pattern with a slider on the scale to 10% so that it is not so visible. You can replace the scale. I'm betting 75%. We save our pattern as a layer style. To do this, click on the "New layer style" button. Let's also call it "Watermark" and click Ok.

Now we need to write actions, i.e. operations or a sequence of actions.

To do this, open the original image. Go to the "Window" tab and select "Operations".

Now we will create a new operation. Click on the button with the sheet, we also call the "Watermark" and click "Record".

 The recording went (red circle). Unlock the background layer by clicking on the lock. Go to the "Window" tab. Turn on the Styles panel and select the most recent style. This will be the watermark style we just made. We choose.

Close this panel and save the image. Go to the "File" tab. Select "Save as...". Changing the image format to Jpeg. Images are usually saved in this format.

Well, that's it. We put a watermark on our photo.

Protect your images. After all, this way you also increase your brand awareness.

If you are wondering how to properly configure Photoshop so that nothing freezes, crashes and colors are displayed correctly https://fotoget.org/en/site/blog/correct-photoshop-settings-how-to-make-work-even-more-comfortable

_Best regards, Evgeniy, Fotoget.org team

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