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User Agreement


The translation was made to show our courtesy for our foreign customers.
For the legally binding document, please see the original User Agreement in Russian.

1. Terms of Use

1.1. This User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) is concluded between (hereinafter referred to as the Website) in the person of the Website Administration and a natural person (hereinafter referred to as the User) and offers and governs the Terms of Use.

1.2. The User is any natural person who has ever accessed the Website and has reached the age suitable for the acceptance of this Agreement.

1.3. Signing in with the Website means that the User fully and expressly accepts the terms of this Agreement. If the User disagrees with the terms of the Agreement, he must stop using the Website immediately.

1.4. The Website Administration may alter and/or amend this Agreement by its sole discretion without any notice. These Rules are a public document.

1.5. The Agreement covers the mutual rights and liabilities of the User and the Website Administration in regard to the following:
- How to Use the Website;
- Privacy Policy;
- Limitation of Liability of the Website Administration;
- Procedure of the Agreement.

2. How to Use the Website

2.1. The site allows the User to view and download files from popular photobanks and file sharing sites for evaluation purposes.

2.1.1. When downloading files, the agreed payment for our design work will be written off from your balance. You agree to use design solutions executed with files from a photo bank (photo, image, video, etc.) in accordance with the terms of "Standard License" each photostock.

2.1.2. In the section “Your orders information” you are temporarily presented with the initial downloaded multimedia file for informational purposes, for a full-scale inspection and approval of the subsequent layouts. You are obliged to agree to take all measures to prevent File duplication by third parties.

2.2. When you sign in and place orders, you agree to provide true and accurate information about yourself and your contacts.

2.3. When you sign in with the website, you get a login name and a password. You will be solely responsible for the security of your login name and password.

2.4. You can contact us with any queries, complaints or requests to improve our work or with any other information. At the same time, you ensure that such queries, complaints or requests are not illegal, threatening or violating copyrights, do not discriminate people anyhow, do not contain insults or otherwise violate the legislation in force.

2.5. Administration of the site, both at the request of the user and unilaterally can change the cost of providing services - both for a specific user, and for a specific group of users.

2.6. Administration of the site, both at the request of the user and unilaterally, can edit the data specified by the user when registering an account on the Site (for example: email).

2.7. Administration of the site, both at the request of the user and unilaterally, can exclude the user from the "Bring a Friend" partner program.

2.8. Administration of the site, can delete a user account - if one has not been used for more than 12 months.

2.9. Administration of the site, can at any time, without additional notifications, add new functions to the site or remove existing functions from the site.

2.10. The User is fully and independently responsible for the correctness of actions when depositing funds in the personal account and that in case of transferring an inaccurate amount (larger/smaller) or specifying incorrect data, or other errors made by the User may lead to the violation of the payment algorithm, non-receipt of funds to the Administration's account, the inability to credit the equivalent of the User's payment to their internal balance in the personal account of, as well as the inability to refund the User - which means irrecoverable, complete (or partial) loss of the User's funds.

2.11. The User is strictly forbidden to save payment details (which may become known to the User during the previous deposit to the personal account) and use them for direct transfer of funds.

3. Privacy Policy

3.1 Please follow the link ( to read our Privacy Policy which is an integral part of this Agreement.

4. Limitation of Liability of the Website Administration

4.1. The Website Administration will not be liable for any difficulties you may have with the opening of materials downloaded on the Website resulted from the incompatibility of the software or image you use. All materials are provided “as is”, without any guarantees, either expressed or implied.

4.2. The Website content is updated on a regular basis and may become outdated at any time. The Website Administration will not be liable for getting any outdated information from the Website, as well as for inability of the User to get information updates from the Website.

4.3. The Website Administration will not be liable if any of the downloaded materials are used in commercial purposes.

4.4. The Website Administration will not be liable for damages, losses or expenses (real or potential) related to the Website or resulted from the use or inability to use the Website.

4.5. The Website Administration will not be liable if the User loses the access to his account on the Website.

4.6. The Website Administration will not be liable if the User provides incomplete, inaccurate or wrong data when creating the User Account.

4.7. If you have any problems using the Website, disagree with particular sections of the Terms of Use or have been provided with incorrect information, please contact the Website Administration so that it can analyze and eliminate the respective defects.

4.8. For the purposes of the foregoing, the Website Administration reserves the right to delete the information published on the Website and take technical measures to block the Website access for Users who violate the requirements of the Agreement.

5. Procedure of the Agreement

5.1. This Agreement is a contract. The Website Administration reserves the right to amend this Agreement or enter a new one. Such amendments will be effective as of the time of their publishing on the Website. If the User uses any Website materials after the Agreement has been amended, this means automatic acceptance of these amendments by the User.

5.2. This Agreement becomes effective on the first visit of the Website by the User and shall remain in force between the User and the Website for the entire period of use of the Website by the User.

5.3. The Website is intellectual property of the Website Administration. The exclusive proprietary copyright to the Website is held by the Website Administration. The User can only use the Website under the terms of the Agreement and the intellectual property law.

5.4. All trademarks and names to which links are given in the materials of this Website are properties of their respective owners.

5.5. The User agrees not to reproduce, duplicate or copy any parts of the Website, except in cases where a required permit is given to the User by the Website Administration.

5.6. If any clause, or part thereof, is found to be in conflict with the provisions of applicable law, this provision will not affect other clauses and the validity of the entire Agreement.

5.7. Any of the Parties to this agreement is released from liability for full or partial non-fulfillment of their obligations under this Agreement, if this non-fulfillment was caused by "Force Majeure" (force Majeure) that arose after the acceptance of this Agreement. "Force Majeure Circumstances" (force majeure) means extraordinary events or circumstances that such a Party could not have foreseen or prevented by the means available to it. Such extraordinary events or circumstances include, in particular: strikes, floods, fires, earthquakes and other natural disasters, wars, military actions, actions of state bodies (including foreign ones), as well as any other circumstances beyond the reasonable control of either Party.
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