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How to search for the source image in a photo bank database using own sample

Today we will tell how to search for the source image in the database of shutterstock.com, fotolia.com, stock.adobe.com, istockphoto.com, depositphotos.com, bigstockphoto.com, dreamstime.com, and 123rf.com using a sample you have for free.

Ok, so you need the original picture but only have a poor-quality screen capture, a piece of wallpaper with a pattern, a broken plastic surface with photo printing or a ceiling taken with your phone, looking something like this:

We could describe in detail the various techniques and search algorithms, or give links to different search engines using the picture itself for the search, but we won’t do this for the following reasons:
- First of all, you need to be able to use the search correctly (and people often don’t like to learn how to use specialized designer tools);
- And secondly, in the end, everyone uses the simplest option (which we will describe).All you need to do is send your search sample to our specialists.

There is a special form in the tab "Search by sample" in the Fotoget.org account. You need to specify a link to the sample image, or attach it from your computer using the "Browse" button and click on the "Order a free search" button.

If you have special requests or suggestions regarding the search, enter them in the "Comment" field.

Basically, this is all you need to do; our experts will do the rest for you. You will receive an email with the search result within 24 hours (as a rule). Even if it doesn’t bring the desired result, you will be offered similar results.

In addition, you can use a convenient filtering system for other successful search results. Go to the tab "Information about your orders" –> "Examples of search by sample."

We will focus on the search results filter in more detail, as you can easily use it yourself:

1) Filtering results by a unique number (ID) of pictures from photo bank:

The desired image may comprise of components (a collage)


and you have already found one or several parts of it on the photo bank.


In this case, so as not to waste time on a manual search for the remaining elements of the picture, enter the picture number from the photo bank in the filter field. If this number is already in the results database of Fotoget.org, the system will show the following result(s):

As you can see, there are already three search results with this picture number in this example.

2) Filtering results by keyword pictures from photo bank:

We can also use words to filter images – in English, separated by a space (or comma), without spelling mistakes.

P.S. Do not try to enter the keywords of the object, which is decorated with the desired image – such as "kitchen apron" – because the filter uses the keywords that were used in the photo bank to describe this picture, for example:

"black, cherry, couple, sexy, dark, water, appetizing, background, berry, bunch, closeup, concept, day, delicious, dessert, dew, drop, food, fresh, freshness, fruit, fruiting, gean, glamour, gourmet, green, heart, juicy, leaf, love, mature, metaphor, object, pair, red, ripe, romance, romantic, shiny, sour, still-life, sweet, taste, tasty, together, two, valentine, vitamin, white, yummy"

P.P.S. And do not use compound words written with a hyphen "-" in the filter, as it does not work correctly with them (in this case, such word is "still-life").

If you want to download a picture from an image photo for free, the article - "How to download a picture from the photo bank for free" - by our author may come in handy.

We hope that our assistance will be useful for you and cooperation will be pleasant.

 _yours sincerely, Fotoget.org

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