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What should I do if I have low speed / the file download interrupts ?

First of all, we want to draw your attention to the fact that we are doing our best so that you can use our services in the most pleasant and convenient way – we use advanced equipment and modern technologies – anyhow, you, as the client of our Design Studio Fotoget.org – may face some of the following issues:
- Low file download speed
- File download interruptsThese casual issues may result from possible connection failures between our server and your computer.For example, if you download to your computer a picture from Shutterstock from Fotoget.org account by clicking on “Save to my computer”,

then the file is transferred “directly” from our server to your computer. Putsimpl, itlookssomethinglikethat:


  But if you click on the cloud storage icon, for example Google Drive, then we will send the file to your account on Google cloud server, and from there you will be able to download it to your computer.Putsimply, itlookssomethinglikethat:

* The diagram shows Google drive servers. For clarity, the cloud Mail.ru, Yandex.Disk and Dropbox are also available in the personal account.
Each of the cloud storage has its widely spread network in a certain region / country / continent.


You can see from the above diagram that the file has another path than it has while it is downloaded “directly” from our server) – as a rule, it bypasses possible file download issues.

If the destination server of the selected cloud is closer than ours, then the download speed will be higher, but the opposite is also likely when the server of the cloud service is farther to your location than ours. So, you should try each cloud service to find out which is the fastest and the best one for you.

If you fail to find the solution for your issue in this article, please contact our technical support using the contacts listed at the foot of the website’s page. We will be happy to help you.

In case of difficulties when replenishing the balance of your Fotoget.org personal account, we recommend reading this instruction: "How to recharge your Fotoget.org personal account balance using Visa/Mastercard dollar card ?"

We hope that our assistance will be useful for you and cooperation will be pleasant.

 _yours sincerely, Fotoget.org
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